Creepy Abandoned Doll House Deep in the Woods

Exploring the Creepy Doll House in the Woods

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Join me as I venture into an abandoned house in the middle of the woods filled with eerie old dolls that seem to watch my every move.
A very creepy abandoned house video filmed in 4k.

This abandoned house is probably one of the strangest and most remote locations for a random house I’ve ever seen!

The house was almost a full kilometre (.62 miles) from the road down a long overgrown path that would have been a driveway at some point.

The path was extremely hilly with several large fallen trees blocking the way and years of overgrowth.

Once I finally reached the house, I was entirely surrounded by a vast farmer’s field and the house was surrounded by tall maturing trees roughly 2 inches in diameter.

Given the growth of the trees and the condition of the old driveway, it would seem like it has been decades since anyone has lived in this house, however, some of the items appear a bit more modern, but that’s when I realized the ’90s was 30 years ago and things made a bit more sense.

Inside, the house was tossed, badly decayed and well-worn from decades of weather.

Also inside were several dolls and toys, it seemed in every room I entered that I was being watched by the eyes of creepy dolls and stuffed animals.

In the video tour linked below you can see a time-lapse of my walk to find the house and get a look at all of the trees that now protect the house from intruders!

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!

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