Disgraced Abandoned Religious Boarding School

Urban Exploring a Disgraced Abandoned Religious School
This abandoned Christian educational facility, which was operated by Anglican priests, closed in 2007 as allegations surfaced that students suffered psychological, physical and other terrible abuses at the hands of the male and female staff that extended to the late 1990s.
In 2023, a 16-year class-action lawsuit against the Christian College finally came to a close. Being called a precedent-setting case, and the first historical abuse case to win at trial in Canada.

Join me as we explore the now-silent walls of this abandoned and disgraced institution


Numerous former students of this purported Christian boarding school endured various forms of appalling mistreatment at the hands of the school’s administration and staff.

This included severe corporal punishment, continual verbal and emotional abuse, harassment, yelling, scapegoating, shunning, sleep deprivation, forced manual labor, and isolation.

One student recounted being assaulted, isolated, thrown downstairs, repeatedly kicked, deprived of food and sleep, locked in walk-in freezers, forced to sleep in soiled bedding for a week, harassed, and witnessing assaults on other children.

When he reported these assaults to adult staff, he was beaten with a two-by-four. It is not surprising that the effects of this abuse persisted into adulthood for many of the students.

The list of suicides among former students is extensive and heartbreaking.

The outlook for many school alumni is bleak, with a concerning incidence of suicide, addiction, and lifelong mental health issues, all indicative of severe trauma.

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  1. Curious how religion and supposedly christan-like intentions turn into sadistic behaviours.

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