Exploring a Large Abandoned Mansion from 1825 | Abandoned Mansions

Vacant Abandoned Randwood Estate Niagara on the Lake Ontario

Exploring a Large Abandoned Mansion from 1825 | Abandoned Mansions

This now vacant mansion dates back to the mid 1800’s and was owned by the same family from 1874 to 1908. In 1909 it was sold to a banker from Buffalo who renamed the home and the property, using his own last name.

The new owner would build two cottages on the property for employees, as well as a barn and clubhouse. In 1919 he also purchased the adjoining property, razed the existing stone house, and put up a new one for his daughter.

The first floor of the house retains more of the original look of the house. The front door opens onto a deep entry area. To the right is a relatively narrow stairway up to the second floor, which was extensively remodelled to allow dormitory bedrooms and baths when the house was owned by a local institute.

The original portion of the estate was built in 1825, and has seen renovations and additions over the years to the building that was used as a summer home, when it was purchased in 1905, then when it was used as a think tank and most recently a school of philosophy

This home was built in 1825 and over the years has been owned by:
– A receiver general and member of the Executive Council of Upper Canada
– A businessman, politician and lawyer
– An American Civil War General
– And a world-class artist
Now it is owned by a corporation who wants to develop on the property. They are facing fierce opposition and criticism by the people of the city over plans to demolish some of the buildings and raze a number of very old trees.
There is an application currently to declare the entire property as heritage but the new owners are disputing and appealing that, while they are submitting their own heritage application for parts of, but not the entire property.

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  1. Can’t comment on utube so I will here. The hidden room in the attic is a photography studio. The large tub is to put the newly developed pictures in to dry. I’m not smart, I saw it in another video and it was explained there.

  2. Looks like it was occupied relatively recently, fixtures in the kitchen are relatively modern and CFL lightbulbs in some of the lights.

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