Exploring an $18,000,000 Unfinished Mansion

inside an 18 million dollar mansion

Exploring an $18,000,000 Unfinished Mansion

Have you ever been inside an $18,000,000 mansion?

Someone started building this huge mansion and then for some reason stopped and now no one wants it!

The mansion has 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a banquet hall, indoor pool, home theatre, sauna and so much more.

But guess what?

It’s unfinished and after you spend $18,000,000 on the house, you still have to pay to have the home and the landscaping finished!

No wonder no one wants it!


inside an 18 million dollar mansion



inside an 18 million dollar mansion


4 thoughts on “Exploring an $18,000,000 Unfinished Mansion”

  1. Jessica Burch

    May you tell me where this is located? I have been looking for something like this for years and now look you made my dream some what right.

  2. This Is My Dream….. One Of The BADDEST I’ve Ever Seen Where Is This Located?

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