Exploring an Old Abandoned Farm House

Exploring an Old Abandoned Farm House – 4K Abandoned Video and Drone Footage Music Video

I’ve gone with something a little bit different for my 4k video of this old abandoned house.

I found a piece of music called ‘Who Am I” by “Text Me Records” and I thought it would work nicely with my drone and cinematic/static footage from this explore.

Watch the whole video and please let me know if you liked it!

Todays new location was a random find while driving in between locations.

Set far down a long driveway and totally facing the wrong way I spotted this beautifully derelict old abandoned farm house.

I curiously pulled up the long driveway expecting at any moment to be confronted by the neighbour who isn’t too far away from the house.

I spent a great deal of time outside snapping photos, giving the neighbour ample time to see me and come talk to me.

When he never showed up I let myself inside the already open door that was swinging in the wind.

It’s a very simple and charming home but the neglect and abandonment have really done a number on the place, as you can see in this video that I just posted.

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  1. Tera Norris

    Love one picture of pouch anyway don’tstand why greas is dry but not trees green ?

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