Ghost Caught on Camera in Haunted House

Freaktogtraphy (possibly) has a ghost caught on camera in a Haunted House!

In my 4 plus years of exploring and photographing abandoned places I have never caught anything paranormal or haunted, unexplainable nor have I ever had a ghost caught on camera.  After a visit to this old abandoned house in Ontario, Canada I do believe that this may be a haunted house!

Watch this cell phone quality video and see for yourself, did I catch a ghost on camera?

The “thing” appears at around the 1:25 point in the clip.



Here is a somewhat better quality version video taken with my camera and without any sound (or ghosts)


Here is a photo gallery from this amazing abandoned house in Ontario Canada.

16 thoughts on “Ghost Caught on Camera in Haunted House”

  1. There was something that flitted by on your cell camera! But I was more concerned with how safe you were. Those stairs! Speaking as a Mom, I hope you wear a hard hat! 🙂
    So interesting though. It looks a lot like my grandmother’s house – bigger version of – in Havelock, Ontario. Unfortunately it was torn down several years ago. And that’s the beauty of your art for me – keeping the whisper of memories for places otherwise forgotten.

  2. LaVerne Swanson

    I saw it also. But the whole video has a weird shakiness to it. What is that all about?

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