Exploring a Historic Abandoned Ontario Property

This is one of several abandoned homes and derelict buildings on this huge plot of unused land in Southern Ontario.
The property dates back to the early 1800’s and has been used for several different things over the decades.
The property has been tied up in drama since 2011 when a company purchased it with big dreams of building a resort, hotel and conference centre all with plans to include many (but not all) of the existing buildings on the site.
The plan would also require some rezoning as well as the removal of some trees.
A local “organization” who are fighting for the complete preservation and historic designation of this property and are dead set against any development here have successfully squashed this mans plans to bring new life to this property and the town.
Thanks to this association, these buildings will continue to decay and rot and this large beautiful piece of land will remain fenced off and off-limits to the general public.
In late 2020 it was put up for sale for the sweet sum of $19,000,000.
The back of the land has three abandoned houses on it and what looks like was once a farmers field.
Almost all of the information online focuses on the other part of this property so I’ve got nothing to share here unfortunately.
I mentioned that there was a huge proposal on the table to turn this whole piece of property into a resort, conference centre and more.
That plan would have kept the two main old buildings (I explored these a few years ago, designed a park around the front, which had 90% of the trees and had planned for 150 units of housing out in the useless field back end where this house is found.
He would have put the hotel between the wooded park and the new subdivision, and he designed the hotel in a chateau style, which would fit nicely into the area.
The man actually put much thought and consideration into the wants and wishes of the highly critical and very picky folks of this town.
But, the local association who are against this have a bizarre obsession with trees and their archaic way of thinking won the fight and the developer has thrown in the towel.
I also learned that the main individual running and financing this “association” just happens to live right next door!

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