House of Horror: The Most Toxic Abandoned House Ever

Most Toxic Abandoned House

House of Horror:  The Most Toxic Abandoned House Ever with a Black Mold Infestation

I can count on one hand the amount of abandoned houses I have explored over the years with as much black mold as this house.

That number is actually three, in 10+ years and over 1,000 abandoned places explored, this house is in the top 3 of black mold infestations.

The other interesting thing is, the other two houses I’m referring to were remarkably interesting with many contents left behind – which makes sense with such a bad mold problem.

This house has a beautiful mid century style inside with bright walls, brighter carpets, a floor to ceiling mirrored wall, greed, red and yellow shag carpet and more.


What’s also interesting here is that the main floor and 2nd floor are empty, but the basement is still full of the previous owners belongings – everything, beds, still made, kitchen stocked with food, dishes etc.


Photos from just a few months ago show a totally dry and untouched basement, like a time capsule.  My photos,  taken recently, will show a stark contrast with a flooded basement, up to 3 inches in parts and the contents have been tossed about – as is to be expected in this hobby.


Strangely, the house still has power and lights on in some rooms – this can’t be good!


As bad as the mold was, I really enjoyed this house.  I couldn’t do the basement without my respirator, the air was far too bad down there – I felt okay about the main floor as long as I didn’t linger around too long.

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