Exploring an Old Abandoned Ghost Town

exploring an abandoned ghost town

Exploring an Old Abandoned Ghost Town

In this location, we’re exploring an abandoned ghost town deep in the mountains and hills of Quebec.

Situated down a long dirt road, surrounded by mountains, valleys and rolling fields, this old ghost town has sat crumbling for at least 25 years.

Abandoned Ghost Town Video Tour

I’ve been wanting to get here for at least three years but being so far, it’s not an easy quick trip to make.
My first attempt was on one of my birthday trips, being in March the snow in Quebec was still very deep and I wasn’t in the mood to trek in knee deep snow, so I vowed to return.
On my next attempt, I had a whole weekend planned in and around Quebec with my final day and night to be spent here. Well, then some friends of mine gave me a fantastic abandoned castle where I could explore and spend the night – so I went there instead.

Abandoned Ghost Town Night Photography

For my first photo set, we’re looking at night shots from once s0s1nc3r3 and I arrived.
We parked the car, made our way in, set up our sleeping arrangements and quickly got to work.
I brought all of my Lume Cube lights, as well as my drone attachment, two bags of of steel wool and a new spinning contraption that I invented using a cordless drill, two wire whisks and a special drill bit attachment.
We had an awesome time here lighting the place up while being devoured by mosquitoes and black flies!
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About This Abandoned Ghost Town

Continuing with our tour of this beautiful abandoned ghost town.
In 1997, this site was used as a set in the movie called “The Education of Little Tree”.
This movie is a coming of age tale about Little Tree, an 8-year-old Cherokee boy who loses his parents during The Great Depression and begins living with his native grandparents and learning the Cherokee way of life.
The set looks a bit different in the movie as not all of the buildings are seen in the film.
Here is a look at each of the main buildings on the property

Views Through The Ghost Town Windows and Doors

Details, interiors and alternate perspectives of the buildings at the abandoned ghost town movie set.

Our Sleeping Arrangements in the Abandoned Ghost Town

abandoned ghost town 2022

Aerial Drone Photography

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