Photographers That Are Known For Horse Racing Pictures

Horse racing events last for a couple of minutes, but the experience lasts for a lifetime, especially if you take a picture of the winning horse.

Throughout the years, horse racing has always been a challenge for photographers. Why? Well, there is close action, it all happens very quickly, and it is very difficult to get the right angle. 

But capturing the emotion of the jockey and the dedication of the horse is no short of a masterpiece. Horse racing photographs show what is the sport all about.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many photographers who built an entire career taking horse racing pictures. It requires skill, patience, dedication, and love for horses. This inspired us to go on a search and find out which are some of the most popular horse racing photographers that capture the true spirit of the sport.

Barbara D. Livingston

Barbara D. Livingston is a legend in the field of horse racing photography, having worked for over 30 years. Her images are more than simply snapshots; they provide glimpses into the heart of the sport. Livingston’s art is distinguished by its ability to capture the genuine passion and beauty of horses both on and off the track, highlighting the strong tie between these majestic animals and their human companions.

She is the chief photographer of the Daily Racing Form, and she has definitely left a huge mark on the entire horse racing industry, bringing the sport closer to the fans.

Michael Burns

Michael Burns’ photographs go beyond simply documentation; they convey tales. His cinematic style of horse racing photography gives each shot a feeling of drama and narrative development. Burns has a gift for catching the key moments of a race, generating visuals that bring viewers into the thick of the action.

This is the only photographer to win three Eclipse Awards for outstanding thoroughbred photography in North America. He has also earned a record five Sovereign Awards for outstanding photography, and has been in the industry for six decades.

Unfortunately, he passed away at 84 after a battle with cancer, but his legacy will remain forever. He even inspired his son and daughter, Michael Jr., and Patricia, and both of them are also winning photographers on the racetrack.

Bill Denver

Bill Denver’s photographs are a symphony of vivid colors and dramatic compositions. His lens converts the fast-paced action of horse racing into visual poetry, capturing the adrenaline-fueled moments with accuracy and creativity. Denver’s photography has appeared on the covers of major equestrian journals, garnering him a reputation as one of the industry’s best photographers.

He is the official track photographer at Monmouth Park Racetrack and Parx Racing, and he specializes in thoroughbred racing photography. Throughout his career, he has worked for many established newspapers, including the New York Daily News. 

He has worked in the equine industry for nearly five decades and has captured every moment of the sport from small races to the Triple Crown.

Skip Dickstein 

Skip Dickstein’s photography exemplifies the power of narrative via visuals. Dickstein, a seasoned photographer specializing in horse racing, captures not just the races but also the human tales that surround them. His candid photographs provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the everyday lives of trainers, riders, and horses, bringing depth and authenticity to his collection of work.

He has been a staff photographer for the Albany Times Union for three decades, and the Director of the Photojournalism section of Churchill Downs Journalism Workshop. He obviously knows a lot about the Kentucky Derby.

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Throughout his professional career, he has earned many awards including Regional Photographer of the Year in the National Press Photographers Association, as well as Kollenberg Award and Top Gun Award.

Emma Berry

Emma Berry’s picture celebrates the artistry and tradition of horse racing. Her photographs capture not just the excitement on the track, but also the elegance, fashion, and camaraderie that characterize race day. Berry’s collection demonstrates a great love of horses and photography, with photographs that appeal to both aficionados and casual spectators.

She started her equine career when she was offered a job working for Horse & Hound in London in 1997. This was the first time her passion for horses and love for photography collided.

Nowadays, she is an established photographer and editor of Thoroughbred Daily News (TDN). Her favorite race is the Kentucky Derby and Oaks, and the Epsom Derby. She is also a big horse fan and we can see her riding her horse a lot on social media.

Final Words

These are some of the most popular and established horse racing photographers. I think it’s time we all take a moment and appreciate their devotion to taking on a career that will bring us closer to the sport.

After all, we wouldn’t be able to see the incredible moments of horse racing events if it weren’t for them.