$7,000,000 Bankrupt Artist’s Mansion

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Exploring the ABANDONED $7 MILLION Dollar 1964 Bankrupt Artist’s UNTOUCHED  Mid Century Mansion

Huge thanks to the UBC  Carlo Paolozza  and  Ethan Minnie  for sharing this gem of a vacant mansion with me!

According to Ethans research., this vacant mansion is 6,000 sq ft and was custom built in 1965 by a famous architect for an extremely wealthy artist. This house has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, there were bathrooms EVERYWHERE, plus an indoor hot tub, a sauna and an outdoor pool!

I am told that it was last sold to a buyer who plans on tearing it down to construct a new home on the property, so for now this huge empty mansion sits empty.

Ethans Video: https://youtu.be/aC1Ctrjeyxw

Carlos Video: https://youtu.be/M30S2C6g6DE

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