Small Abandoned Bungalow House

abandoned bungalow on highway 5
Recently I spent a day just driving around with no set locations planned, the way I used to do it a long time ago.
I don’t really like doing that anymore as I prefer to get the most out of a day with a full plan in place of locations that I want to visit.
This time I decided to just wing it, I ended up finding 5 or 6 places that were new to me but nothing too memorable.
This one was not memorable at all, in-fact it was an al out stinker!
I found a property that had three abandoned houses on it, one single driveway with large concrete blocks in front it it.
It had one large main home and two smaller bungalows, this is one of the smaller ones.
Normally I wouldn’t have even bothered taking any pictures or videos of this one, but on this day I decided to stop being so picky and just do things the way I used to a long time ago.
So, here you have Stinker House #1

1 thought on “Small Abandoned Bungalow House”

  1. Love your videos amazing I am also new to explore and photographer would love to take some pics of this location if you could be so kind to email private kind regards Tanya

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