South Street Hospital London

The now demolished South Street Hospital in London, Ontario.  I explored this building in 2014 just weeks before the demolition started.

After 138 years of patient care, the South Street Hospital in London, Ontario officially closed its doors in January of 2013.  This hospital sat vacant and empty for over a year as many explorers attempted to enter to document this historic location before the demolition began.  In the summer of 2014, just weeks before demolition began, I entered the Hospital and spent four hours exploring and photographing every wing and every floor.

This old hospital had numerous buildings and wings with 8 floors and a dark basement.  In the basement was where I was able to photograph my first morgue, unfortunately the old ceramic slabs had been removed – or destroyed.

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  1. I wish I could have explored the old Victoria Hospital before it was torn down. I saw something strange there once that always puzzled me. A doctor named Dr. Anderson told me those people I knew that lived in London vanished without a trace.

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