Strange Abandoned Building on Wheels In The Middle of Nowhere

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For the life of me, I have not been able to fully figure out what the heck this abandoned place is.

Located in a rural part of Ontario, surrounded by forest and down a very long driveway sits this oddity of a building. The building sits on rails on a circular base with two large triangular structures with windows on one side of each triangular roof structure.

Any thoughts from you guys on what this is?

I went to the power of Reddit seeking answers in the sub Reddit called r/whatisthisthing, where internet sleuths are well known to solve riddles and questions as to the uses and origins of odd places and things.

I may have stumped them with this one.

Some suggestions are:

– Some type of solar kiln for drying lumber or crops. Given the rural area and priority for sunlight, this might be the best explanation so far

– The base is way too over-built to be civilian. I’d say an abandoned military structure likely a radar site, that someone bought and built the wood structure on top of to homestead/grow some weed and then subsequently abandoned.

– Many people think it was a former radar station or observatory that has been repurposed, but repurposed for what?

– Others think it is a former rail yard turning table repurposed, but repurposed for what?

Here is what we DO know:

The surrounding land is owned by an aggregate mining company, they have purchased all of the land in the area except for this piece of land.

Apparently, it was the only piece of land they didn’t acquire. See

In every document that I’ve found they mark it as; remains of a concrete structure, foundation or abandoned home.

Even the people from a construction consultancy firm have a hard time finding it out. “Based on the review of available information, some structure work, believed to be a building foundation, is present on the site”

So, until someone can come forward a definitive answer – we’re just gonna have to go with Strange Abandoned Building on Wheels in the Middle of Nowhere!!!!

Think you can figure it out?

Watch the video, see all of the pics and drop your best guesses below!


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