Strolling Around An Abandoned Heritage Home

Strolling Around An Abandoned Heritage Home

This Abandoned Heritage Home is one of three abandoned houses on what used to be a large farm in Ontario, Canada.

This home was the residence lived in by the owner of the farm, which is strange to me because it’s not the largest or nicest home on the property.

The exterior was bland, but it also has the original and functional well complete with the pump.

Inside the heritage home, it looks as through renovations had started and were never completed.

My favourite part of this abandoned house was the green bathroom, still intact with the tub, sink, toilet, green wall paper and a green shower curtain.

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2 thoughts on “Strolling Around An Abandoned Heritage Home”

  1. A lonly wee house. now as far as hot drinks I vote for Loose leaf Davidson’s Earl Grey decaf. tea with milk. Good old maxwell house coffee decaf with cream and a sweetner too. Kinda sucks when you get over 60 and there are so many no nos. Love your work keep it up

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