The Now Abandoned House Where My Parents Met

In the late 1960’s, two young teenage girls named Cathy and Donna spotted a group of three boys working on their motorcycles in the garage of a house up the street.
Donna, who had a crush on one of those boys named Terry, asked Cathy if they should go and walk by the house to get the attention of the boys.
Back and forth, back and forth they wandered until finally they caught the attention of the boys, Doug, Terry and John.
This coming together of teenagers would result in Cathy getting to know the boy named John, they would begin dating, they ended up getting married, having a baby named Shawn and then 5 years later, another baby named David.
You also know David as…Freaktography
This is the house where my parents met in the late 1960’s, it is now an abandoned house and I took the opportunity to explore the home before it gets demolished!

1 thought on “The Now Abandoned House Where My Parents Met”

  1. Miranda Lee

    I would if this was my parents meeting grounds buy it and try to fix it if I could

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