The Power of Documentaries – 4 Ways they’re Different Than Movies

Documentaries – the art of presenting factual information with a mix of spice. In the 21st century, documentaries have become an effective tool to educate the masses at large.

For a viewer, they are more or less like movies. However, there’s an appalling difference between movies and documentaries. With everything included, movies often don’t portray the reality. Love, war, action, or comedy, movies are often too difficult to believe.

On the other hand, documentaries  based on official accounts of events that shook the world are more thrilling and capture everyone’s attention.

Moving on, are documentaries really what is said about them? Or are they another tool to entertain us?

Well, to find out what benefits can we get out of documentaries, we’re going to list down some pros of documentaries.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Engaging Content
  2. Educated People in an Entertaining Way
  3. Introduction to New Ideas and Concepts
  4. A Source of Inspiration
  5. Bottom Line

Engaging Content

As viewers, feeling an outcast doesn’t do any justice. Wanting to be immersed in whatever we watch isn’t an unfair demand. 

And, there’s more to documentaries.

A story involving stakeholders of an event, with their interviews, facts, and opinions, unfiltered, makes us feel hooked to the content. Documentaries are not just written out of thin air, which is what makes everything so interesting for a viewer.

Knowing that the documentary we’re watching has real-life narrators who experienced everything first-hand. Most importantly, the story on which the documentary is based is real, there’s hardly anything that is fabricated.

Keeping all these things in mind, it may become hard for one to resist the temptation of watching and enjoying documentaries.

Educated People in an Entertaining Way

Movies rarely make an impact or make us think about the world. Unless it’s a movie based on real events, we don’t really get something useful out of them.

However, when it comes to documentaries, it’s rarely the case. Be it a documentary on a war, gang crime, a tribe, or nature, there’s always something we can pay heed to in documentaries.

Nowadays, most people may not prefer reading books. Instead, they’re more into sources that provide them knowledge about past events around the world. Well, people’s changing preference to attain knowledge has directed them towards documentaries.

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Introduction to New Ideas and Concepts

Do you know the biggest difference between a movie and a documentary?

A movie is based on a real-life story with some fabricated pieces to arouse people’s curiosity. On the other hand, in documentaries, what is shown did actually happen as it is in real life. 

Every documentary introduces us to ideas, concepts, or practices that we may never have heard before. When introduced to a new idea, concept, or a practice, some people may try to check its authenticity. However, that’s not needed because documentaries are truly based on official accounts and reports of people involved in the act. 

With documentaries, we get informed about the things of the past, that too unfiltered. We’re introduced to important people, ideas, and actions that completely change our perspective on life.

A Source of Inspiration

As documentaries are real, so are the characters in them. Most time, there are characters in documentaries that are no less than real-life heroes. But we didn’t know about them until we came across the documentary.

Knowing about such courageous people who did the impossible to achieve the purpose surely inspires millions of people around the world.

Bottom Line

Watching documentaries is surely fun, however, that’s not all. With documentaries, you can learn a lot about historical events, crimes, nature, or anything you want.