Top 10 Photography Spots in Ohio

Table of Contents

  1. Cincinnati Waterfront
  2. Cleveland downtown pier
  3. Botanical Gardens
  4. Brandywine Falls
  5. Rockhouse, Hocking Hills State Park
  6. Mapleside Farms
  7. Austin Badger Park
  8. LeVeque Tower
  9. Ohio Amish Country
  10. Blue Hen Falls

As a freestyle photographer from Latin America, I’m perpetually amazed by the abundance of picturesque sights in the United States. Sometimes I spend the entire day doing nature shots, occasionally I take pictures of beautiful people on colorful streets (with their consent), and other times I let myself be inspired by random stuff. 

My latest photography expedition took place in Ohio, and I can’t get over how amazing it turned out. When I mentioned traveling to the state, most of my friends told me that it’s a boring place and that I wouldn’t find much to photograph. Their opinions raised hesitations, but I’m glad I followed my gut and set out to prove them wrong.

I’d never visited Ohio before, but I didn’t have any trouble finding my way around because Internet de Spectrum had my back. I was able to connect to free Spectrum hotspots wherever I went, so I could stay active on my socials as well.

Every scene I captured on the trip is a piece of art to me, but photography at these spots stood out in particular: 

Cincinnati Waterfront

Calm water under the bridge, surrounded by warm city lights is a flawless illustration of undying beauty. It’s exactly what you get to see at the Cincinnati Waterfront after sundown. The artificial night lights engulf the landscape in a warm glow, which is breathtaking and romantic. It’s the part of the city where time stands still, so you can take a moment to relax and preserve the feeling on camera.

Cleveland downtown pier

When you’re in Cleveland, make sure you stop by the downtown pier around sunrise or sunset. The sky showcases a fantastical blend of colors while the sun is rising and setting, so you can get some spectacular shots with a long exposure. If you like photographing boats and intricate manmade constructions, this place will keep you occupied for a while.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Cleveland are a heaven on earth for nature photography enthusiasts. The best times to be here are the spring and fall seasons, during daylight hours. The combination of natural green and orange tones offers a stunning backdrop in autumn, and the floras provide vivid explosions of color during spring. 

Brandywine Falls

I don’t know about you, but I love watching mighty waterfalls. Be here anytime before sunset to witness the relic in its natural glory. The sound of the water running down the rocks is the best kind of white noise for photography sessions. It’s also a popular spot for hiking, having a picnic, and the much-needed soul searching. 

Rockhouse, Hocking Hills State Park

The Rockhouse at Hocking Hills State Park in Laurelville lets you admire and capture architecture founded by nature. Humans are capable of constructing gorgeous buildings, but these stony structures molded by the forces of nature are something else. I recommend not visiting the area during tourist season, as it can get pretty crowded. Since you’ll be exploring caves and tunnels, it’s best to do it during the day. 

Mapleside Farms

Mapleside Farms hosts tons of activities for families, so there’s often a lot going on in the quaint country setting. Therefore, it’s the ideal venue for shooting the charming countryside environment, as well as the joy of people who come here for a break from their hectic and mundane lives. The place is mostly busy during the fall, though it’s also the time when it’s most exciting.

Austin Badger Park

If you prefer outdoor spaces with minimum intrusion, Austin Badger Park is right up your alley. There’s ample green landscaping to film, and you’ll only see a few people around no matter what time of the day you choose to be here. This park used to be a golf course, but now it serves as a nature reserve. It has lots of open space, so you get a nice wide view of the sunset. 

LeVeque Tower

This 47-story skyscraper situated in downtown Columbus is a majestic spectacle, and the second-tallest building in the city. One might argue that it’s just a tall building with a somewhat unremarkable appearance, but that’s not the point. From a photographer’s vantage point, the prospects are promising; work with different angles and filters, and seize the contrasting views nearby.  

Ohio Amish Country

If you’re in the mood for rural photography, you can’t find a better spot than this. Ohio is home to a large Amish population, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to study and encapsulate the simpler ways of life. Old-fashioned cottages, horse carriages, and traditional farming look great on camera and are rather refreshing to the naked eye. 

Blue Hen Falls

The last photography spot on my list is another stunning waterfall that exists at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park of Ohio. I didn’t find any blue hen living around here, even though it would make for a cool picture. Jokes aside, this place is incredibly cozy and comforting despite being an open outdoor space. It is a place to visit in each of the four seasons to witness a new compelling sight every time.  

Have you been to any of these places in Ohio, and do you think the views are worth preserving in digital form? I’d love to learn about more scenic spots around the state for my next visit.