A Unique Abandoned House – The Hearse Carriage

An extremely unique abandoned house in a small town in Ontario, Canada.

This unique abandoned house has been on the radar of many abandoned enthusiasts for many years, however alarms and neighbours have held most at bay – until recently.


In the past few weeks from the date of this post some curious explorers checked the house out to find a few ways inside, they posted their photos online and very quickly this became the hot spot for all to see.

While the abandoned house itself is unique in design, it’s what is inside that has drawn so much attention. A large round room at the front of the house that leads back into another large pool room, and inside these rooms are old carriages.  One is a hearse carriage complete with a wicker casket, there other two are standard horse drawn carriages. In the basement are dozens of old antique items from old radios, old pianos, typewriters and more.

The upstairs has been designed with a gothic look and feel, as you will see from the photos below.

It would seem that that this unique abandoned house is for sale, but the condition of the inside will likely make for a tough sell.

21 thoughts on “A Unique Abandoned House – The Hearse Carriage”

  1. Catherine Miller

    Couldn’t some people volunteer to fix it up and restore it to its natural beauty. It tells us of the history of the past.

  2. The house has been sold and no longer allowed inside. I have these pics plus more.

  3. such a shame…probably gonna be replaced with condos or something horrible…so much history, no one cares about

  4. Connie Weller

    I hope the old radios got rescued. The hearse & the carriages would be a fantastic restoration project!

  5. Kim (cemeterian 25+ years)

    The wicker ‘casket’ is a hand basket used for removing the deceased from the home. It is not for burial. Hence the saying ‘ going to hell in a handbasket’.

    What a wonderful find ! I also hope they were saved before the house was demolished. What a shame ! We have such a short history on Canada and still willing to give it up to the old mighty dollar.

  6. You can see this this was once owned by wealthy people. They cared about their lives and loved ones. What happened> Did the family die off too. History needs these artifacts. They should not be abandoned and left to the whims of scavengers.

  7. michelle harris

    so sad,i would of loved to own it and fixed it up,i bet it was very beautiful,loved th carriage and basket

  8. As far as I know, the carriages and funeral paraphernalia are routinely displayed at the local museum & archives. This building was merely where they were stored. As of 2016, the building is being renovated. I don’t know the full history of the building, but it was originally used as a banquet hall. It was also an appliance store for a time.

  9. John R Dobbs

    I am one of the owners of the “Round House.” I purchased it last summer. All the carriages were kept by the previous owner. All salvageable antiques were saved and we have them to clean up and restore if needed.
    The home is not being destroyed at all. We are renovating it and taking great steps to preserve the integrity of the overal structure. If anyone has any questions about the property or history then feel free to reach out. Cheers,

  10. Patricia Post

    How wonderful to hear from the owner! Thanks John, and thanks Freaktography! This time you’ve given us more than a time capsule. Here’s a house that’s being loved back to life.

  11. Clare Fletcher

    So nice to hear that this property is being renovated and restored; here in the UK it would be demolished and a large block of apartments built on the land.

  12. John I am so glad that things are being preserved and restored….. Thank you for sharing and keep us updated… we love history and old things and the beauty of them…

  13. I love old things and this was amazing! So fortunate that the house was bought by someone who is going to restore it. It would be great to have pictures “before & after” for all to see – a rare thing when it comes to old places like this.

  14. How nice to have our questions answered ! Thanks to the owner for the info ! Good Luck with the renovation ! Thanks to our favorite roving photographer for showing us all these amazing places !

  15. It’s a Beautiful find & like the others I am happy to hear that it is going to be restored ( all the luck in the world on the reno’s). Thank you Freaktography for sharing this & all the up dates as to what is happening Great work.

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