Urban Exploring Forgotten Canadian Scientology Retreat

Former Ontario resort was supposed to become a Canadian Scientology headquarters

The Church of Scientology’s new national retreat centre was supposed to open in 2012 after the organization purchased it in 2009 and went public with their plans in 2012.

The faith, which boasts celebrity followers like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, is often accused of exploiting its followers for financial gain and is criticized for its beliefs, including its public rejection of psychiatry.

The church was planning a significant overhaul of the resort which sits on more than 80 hectares of land and would allow Scientologists to establish a campus with five buildings totaling 160,000 square feet.


“All told, it’s exactly what is required to assist Canadian Scientologists through the ultimate frontier at the top of the bridge to total freedom,” says the narrator in a promotional online video which has since been deleted.

We were sent footage in 2016 of the resort, which looked much like it did in 2000, and in 2005, 2009 and 2012.

It seems that the organization has given up on this piece of land, leaving it empty, open and with lights running.





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