Abandoned Mr Miyagis House Karate Kid

We Explored the Abandoned Mr Miyagi House from Karate Kid | Cobra Kai

We Explored the Abandoned Mr Miyagi House** from Karate Kid | Cobra Kai

We travelled far for this one, we got word that we had found Mr Miyagi’s house from The Karate Kid so we immediately hit the road to find the elusive and mysterious home.
Once we arrived we immediately recognized the home from the movie that touched out hearts as young children of the 80’s.
Visions of Daniel San waxing on and waxing off, paint’a fence and sand’a floor danced in our head as we rem embed Daniels troubled romance with Ali, who is far out of his league and her disapproving parents.
Just as we were contemplating the trials and tribulations of Nariyoshi Miyagi and the heart ache he suffered by losing both his wife Yukie and their newborn baby to complications of childbirth while interned in the Manzanar Japanese internment camp we were spotted by the locations security guard.
Fearing the possibility that the security guard was either a member of the Cobra Kai, or even worse, a student of Sensei Miyagi – RiddimRyder Photography Carlo Paolozza and Freaktography made a mad dash to escape the wrath of the Cobra Kai!
******note – this is satire*******

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  1. terryconroy2016

    The house that the Karate kid was filmed in was sold and torn down in the 80’s, so this is not the Karate kid house. Not sure what you were exploring, but it looked pretty cool anyways.

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