That 70s House – Abandoned Ontario Time Capsule House

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That 70s House – Abandoned Ontario Time Capsule House

When it comes to Abandoned Houses the term abandoned time capsule house gets tossed around quite loosely in recent years so I don’t like using that to describe the abandoned places I explore, however this one is pretty damn close.  Just about every room is still fully furnished and the living room looks just as it did the last day the previous owners had left it.

Old snot green carpet and that same couch that everyones parents and grandparents had in their basement or living room.  The basement of this house is entirely flooded and the paint on the walls has started to peel.  In the kitchen of this abandoned time capsule house is a calendar that is still open to the date July 1995, Houses like this one are a very rare find and I’m quite happy to have had the opportunity to explore another one of these gems.

Inside what i’m calling “That 70’s house” is a kitchen complete with a fully stocked cabinet full of trinkets, the legs on the table are broken, the cupboards were still full with old food and dishes.

Upstairs in the attic was a sewing station and sewing accessories were found along with several other interesting antiques and all kinds of womans clothes, an old TV, and old camera and dozens of other unique and interesting items.


My Second Visit to the Abandoned 70’s House

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  1. I wonder if the old sewing machine works. I am surprised the interior of the house hasn`t been trashed and sprayed with grafitti. Looks like an old Granny house.

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