Abandoned Ontario Bowling Alley | 5 Pin Bowling

Abandoned Ontario Bowling Alley | 5 Pin Bowling


In this gallery and video I explore an abandoned bowling alley in Ontario, Canada.

This desolate and derelict abandoned bowling alley only closed in May of 2017 after 58 years serving the community.

This bowling alley was one of few 5 pin alleys in the area, Five-pin bowling was invented in Toronto in 1909. Canadians liked the easier to handle small ball.

Join me as I explore this old classic abandoned 5 pin bowling alley alone, and then I’m joined by Carlo Paolozza.


This location is one of FOUR abandoned bowling alleys that we discovered in 2018, one of the other bowling alleys was this amazing Art Deco Bowling Alley that we explored in the summer of 2018, that was also the same abandoned bowling alley where RiddimRyder and I did our infamous mock engagement shoot.  This one was explored just a few days later.


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