Creepy Abandoned Houses in Ontario

20 Photos of Creepy Abandoned Houses

20 Photos of Creepy Abandoned Houses

Last year, just in time for Halloween I posted a blog titled 13 Photos of Creepy Abandoned Places, where I showed photos of the many creepy things I have found inside old abandoned houses.  Things like creepy photos and old dentures to beds still perfectly made to scary stairways and even an abandoned morgue.

This year, I am presenting you with 20 photos of Creepy Abandoned houses.  You might want to think twice about taking your little kids to these front doors to Trick or Treat for Halloween 2015.

Broken windows, curtains flapping in the wind, creaky floorboards and slamming front doors, overgrown weeds and critters in the attic, all the reasons to stay away from these old creepy abandoned houses.

To see more photographs from inside and outside of all kinds of abandoned places, visit my website www.freaktography.ca

This blog has also been adapted and posted to Huffington Post Canada

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