1990’s Abandoned Country Mansion

1990's Abandoned Country Mansion

Embark on a tour of a surprisingly young gem: a 1990s Abandoned Country Mansion built just 30 years ago. In an age where land is a premium, and homes are churned out quickly and cramped together, this solitary house stands proud on its expansive 9-acre haven, a peaceful retreat from the urban sprawl. Custom-crafted in the early ’90s, it boasts not just one, but two ponds, a scenic lookout, and a cluster of outbuildings.

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About the Abandoned Country Mansion

Back in its heyday, the neighborhood was serene, with well-spaced homes and a lush field of trees across the street. The owners raised their family here, undoubtedly beaming with pride at their unique slice of paradise. But, in 2017, the neighborhood’s tranquility was shattered. A developer swooped in, buying up 140 acres and kickstarting the construction of 1,875 units. The area began to transform rapidly, with new developments springing up left and right. In 2022, the developer acquired an additional 30 acres, including this once-idyllic property and four others. Now, this land is slated for a makeover, with plans for a subdivision of 170 units. Sadly, only one heritage-listed home will be spared, the rest condemned to rubble. The land has already seen significant changes, with trees felled and earthmovers leaving their mark. Soon, this charming abode will be a mere memory, replaced by a flat dirt lot.

My Explore of the Old Owen Sound Jail

I arrived bright and early a couple of Sundays ago and was let in by the local security company that Nick had hired to watch the property. Entering the building, the familiar smell of decay hit me and the cold air that blew through the corridors made the inside temperature colder than it was outside. Taking my time, I filmed and photographed as much as I could with no hurry and no worries whatsoever.

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