360 Degree Photography Abandoned Virtual Reality Photography

360 Degree Photography of an Abandoned House interior

360 Degree Photography of an Abandoned House | Virtual Reality Photography

360 Degree Photography Gallery, use your mouse or your keyboard to interact with the 360 degree photography linked below and the 360 Video above.  These are virtual reality photography photos that I took with my Samsung Gear 360 camera, it shoots 360 photos and 360 degree videos in high resolution.

This is a new technology to me and I have been testing the 360 photography and virtual reality video on a few abandoned locations to see how best I can utilize the technology.




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Here are some traditional photography pics of this house, these photos are not interactive

This old abandoned farmhouse sits on a huge piece of quiet land with a stream that runs through the property. A large barn sits falling apart to the side of the house and inside, the critters take up residence in the walls and the ceiling.

Upstairs, a hole in the roof allows the elements in an on the main floor one, bits of ceiling tile are starting to drop to the hardwood floor.  It would seem that there is some historic value to this home and it is being saved, for what I do not know!