Abandoned $3,000,000 Lakefront Estate


Along a stretch of lake front properties where perfectly good homes are often torn down and replaced with larger more modern mansions, I found this abandoned $3,000,000 estate

The home, any time that I passed it, never looked cared for, the lawn always seemed overgrown, the driveway was a mess.

Then, I started seeing the front door and screen door left open, so I headed in to investigate.  Sure enough, the inside was mostly empty with a few bits of furniture and random items tossed about.

On my last stop in, I found the addition of a demolition fence in the backyard, stacked up neatly with steel posts in the ground surrounding the yard.

The back door, wide open and the screen door hitting the brick wall with the wind, it seems that this home’s days are numbered and soon, like so many other homes along this stretch, will come down and be replaced by a newer mansion.

Not the most interesting location that I have explored by any means!

The 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom estate with tennis court and outdoor pool has been sold and resold and put back on the market several times since 2011 with prices ranging from $3,000,000 to $2,000,000 and being leased for $2,600 and $3,500/month.

It does seem that squatters may have taken residence recently with new items being found inside and things moved around in between visits.


I got some info from a friend who used to work as a Nanny for a family that was leasing this house.
The owner of the home at the time was renting it to a family with four kids when they found so much black mold, the owner wouldn’t remediate so the family ended up having to move.
Another family then moved in as a rental property without being told about the mold issue.
The toxic mold was in the walls upstairs in the washroom on the top floor, basement laundry room and rec room, and in the back bedroom and master bathroom.

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