Abandoned Castle House – Strange Abandoned Time Capsule House

Abandoned Castle House - Strange Abandoned Time Capsule House

This totally bizarre abandoned time capsule house is located right in the middle of a nice residential area, surrounded by family homes.  There have been a handful of houses found over the past few years in this condition in these neighbourhoods.

The house is 99% finished inside and is fully furnished, back in 2011 the city gave the owner a warning, clean up the property or risk fines, nothing was done by the owner so the city came in and boarded up the windows.

Shortly after, someone (likely the owner) returned and removed all of the boards.

Online research states that the home has been in this condition for more than 30 years, it was a custom built home and the original owner apparently still owns the property but he lives out of town. 

The town has tried working with him over the years to keep the property up to the town property standard bylaws.

These days, I am told he will come by periodically to cut the grass and nothing more.

In the 1980’s, the man started renovating the home, he started to add an addition to the rear off the kitchen complete with a deck on top accessed from a newly created walk out from the master bedroom. 

Then, just like that the addition was gone, the man didn’t have a building permit and the town made him remove it. 

This seems to have been a consistent issue with the man who would attempt to build without permits and then the city would step in.  Inside you can see all kinds of evidence of work started and not completed.

Such an odd home and strange situation, I feel terrible for the neighbours who have to deal with this eye sore day in and day out!

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