Abandoned Church With Unsent Ukraine Donations

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This is an abandoned church that closed down and moved to a new location a few years ago.

There is a development proposal to demolish the church and build a new condo on the property.

Whoever owns or owned the church had used it temporarily to collect mass donations of clothing and diapers to be sent to Ukraine.

The dates on the boxes state that they were to be shipped to Ukraine the week ending September 9th, 2022.

In these boxes are NHL, NFL and NBA-licensed clothing with the logos and names of several teams from sweaters to socks to coats, jerseys, warm-up suits and more.

In addition, there are boxes full of pyjamas, other clothing items and dozens of boxes of diapers.

I have searched for anything online that would tell me who organized this and I have come up empty, I don’t know who owns or owned the building at this time. In other posts, people have commented that Ukraine is only accepting monetary donations and not clothing.

Not one to do nothing when faced with something like this, I had some of these photos as well as the address and some further details sent to a few women’s shelters and homeless shelters in the area.

My hope is that they know who owns this building or they can do the work to find them and get these items donated locally.

I am quite surprised that these items have been here since September and not donated to another cause, the people who donated these items spared no expense in their generosity, this, in my opinion, is a slap in the face of those who were kind enough to provide these items.

For obvious reasons I am not naming or identifying the location of this facility, if you know it – please do not name it.

Donating to Ukraine War? What I Found in THIS Abandoned Church Will SHOCK You!

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