Abandoned Four Million Dollar Toronto Dream Mansion

This now vacant mansion in Toronto was once listed for $930,000 in January of 2004.
Fast forward 16 years to 2020 and this very same home sold for 5 times that price to the tune of $4,580,000.
This 5,000 square foot home has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with a 2 car garage and parking space for 8 vehicles.
Inside you will find a sun filled home with extraordinary high ceilings in the foyer, a large skylight and fantastic chandelier.
Other features include a jacuzzi, a bar, sauna, fireplace, rec room, fireplaces and more.
Just prior to my visit, there were photos and videos showing a steady stream of water pouring from the 2nd floor into the kitchen area, resulting in severe basement flooding and water damage.
This went on while there was still power to the home, this could have resulted in a serious fire.
The water had somehow been shut off, but the power remained connected and the home had not been secured.
In the days shortly following my visit, the home had been badly vandalized and its condition continues to get worse.
However, this large McMansion will be demolished to make way for a 3 storey 6 unit townhouse block!

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