Abandoned Golf Course and Abandoned Mansion PGA Masters 2019

Abandoned Golf Course and Abandoned Mansion PGA Masters 2019


With the PGA Masters 2019 Golf Championships happening this weekend I thought what better time to post this abandoned golf course and abandoned mansion!

The golf course and all surrounding property is now abandoned, closed in 2017 to make way for residential housing. The Abandoned Golf Course had been in existence since the 1920s. It had more than 150 members, and regularly hosted weddings and other functions, this abandoned golf course however has never been host to the PGA Masters Championships.

The land is vast, surrounded by a river snaking through and around, it was strange to walk though so much large empty and quiet land to get to the clubhouse and the old historic heritage. The championship golf course greens were overgrown with grass stretching out onto the path build for gold carts.  Inside the clubhouse, vandals have made their way in with spray paint.

Across the street in the old mansion, formerly used for wedding receptions and accommodations, was in pristine condition,  The vandals had not yet made their way into this beautiful old historic brick mansion!

So, this abandoned golf course will never be host to the PGA Masters Championships, and the local golfers will have to drive a bit further to find a place to escape for a day and a round of golf.