Abandoned House of Crosses

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Abandoned House of Crosses

In this old abandoned house, filled with crosses and furniture and beds and wallpaper it was hard to get a good clean shot with straight lines.

For one thing, the rooms were small making it difficult to keep the shots clean and straight, the house was also crooked so even if I could line things up, it would still be off!

This now abandoned house was lived in by as obviously religious family, with crosses in every room, religious trinkets and documents scattered all over the house.  Sadly, a cat lay mummified in the dining room right in the middle of the floor.

Holes in the roof have allowed many years of harsh Canadian seasons to creep in, creating a hole in the roof at the front of the house that has worked its way through the second level, down to the first level and right into the basement.

Video Walk-though of the Abandoned House of Crosses

Abandoned House Photo Gallery