Abandoned Industrial Automotive Textile Factory

Abandoned Industrial Automotive Textile Factory

This abandoned industrial automotive location employed workers for over 80 years and closed its doors at the end of 2018.

This abandoned industrial factory made materials for the automotive industry and was a major employer in the town for many many decades until they closed their doors, putting over 200 people out of work.

Today, the property sits vacant, power still running as they hope to sell the property and buildings, however currently there are no buyers.

My explore was uneventful as I approached and easily accessed the inside of the factory. For the most part, the whole factory was silent and empty, except for the soft hum of the lights in certain areas.

It was a pleasant relief to finally explore something big and industrial.

While this was no comparison to some of the high risk power plants I’ve explored the last few years, it was still a very welcome break from all of the borderline real estate photography I’ve been doing in the super clean mansions!

This vacant factory which once serviced the automotive industry was large, but empty, however it was still fin to have this whole place to myself!

The first aid room was somewhat interesting as it still contained everything it would have when the facility was active. Most interesting was a tower at the rear of the building which climbed 4 or 5 stories and contained lots of pumps and gauges and the things you would hope for and expect to see in an abandoned industrial factory.

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