Abandoned Million Dollar Heritage Farm House

abandoned million dollar heritage farm house

Exploring an Abandoned Million Dollar Heritage Farm House

I recently set off on a day of exploring with no real destinations planned, the idea was to just see what I could find. Exploring like this, you can come up empty or you can luck out big time.

On this day it was half and half, I spotted a chained driveway with a very long and overgrown road leading to nowhere. Looking on google maps I spotted two structures at the end of the long driveway.

I parked my car and started the hike to look into these two structures, they ended up being a large barn and a totally overgrown abandoned house.

Inside the house it appeared that someone had attempted renovations and then gave up, some walls had been torn down and there was some newer furniture mixed in with a lot of old furniture. Whatever the plan was here, it stopped long ago.

Black mold was spotted on some walls, lots of evidence of rodents and the smell of raccoons.

On the approach to the house I spotted an open well, a very dangerous thing to come across and something I am always on the watch out for, especially at overgrown properties such as this one.

I found a real estate listing for the home that shows it had sold in 2014 for $1,000,000, further research shows that this home also has heritage designation so it cannot be demolished.  The property is 40 acres and had three ponds as well as large forested areas complete with your own personal trails!

Inside The Abandoned House


Real Estate Listing Photos from 2014

Inside the Barn

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