Abandoned Second Empire Victorian Mansion

Abandoned Second Empire Victorian Home Built in the 1860s

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In today’s video, we’re exploring a beautiful abandoned Second Empire Victorian home

According to online research and confirmed by the neighbours, There is a hidden room off the dining room said to have been a stop for the Underground Railroad for transporting slaves to freedom.” 

The home is also featured in a book titled America’s Painted Ladies, the book confirms the details about its history with the underground railroad.

Inside, the abandoned Second Empire Victorian home suffers from severe water and structural damage originating from a leaking roof. Roof rafters, 3rd floor joists and 2nd floor joist damage. 

The home was built in 1860 by a cabinet maker/ undertaker using the highest-quality materials available at that time, like oak and chestnut doors and a slate mansard roof.

Join me on this exploration of this unique abandoned Second Empire Victorian home

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