Exploring the Abandoned Stone Mansion

Exploring the Abandoned Stone Mansion | Movie Set House | Abandoned Miners Mansion


Built-in 1855 Abandoned Stone Mansion belonged to a man who became prominent in the 1950s when he staked a property in Ontario, which proved to host a massive uranium orebody. He used both intuition and geological interpretation in locating these claims and spotting the initial two drill holes which led to the discovery of this world-class deposit.

The Man earned a degree in mining engineering, After graduating in 1939, he worked at several mines before joining the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1942.

Later, in 1974, the home was extended, taking it from a small stone home to a large mansion-like home.

Today the home sits, an oddball in its neighbourhood with its future unknown, left behind is mining equipment, uranium, thousands of maps from Canada’s mining industry and much more!