Beauty in Decay 2019 – Danse Macabre

Beauty in Decay - Danse Macabre 4

Beauty in Decay 2019 – Danse Macabre “The Dance of Death”

Dance Macabre, Feat Victoria. Filmed by Freaktography this is set to the popular gymnastics floor music Dead Silence and was filmed in an abandoned theatre

The Danse Macabre, also called the Dance of Death, is an artistic genre of allegory of the Late Middle Ages on the universality of death: no matter one’s station in life, the Dance Macabre unites all.

The Danse Macabre consists of the dead or a personification of death summoning representatives from all walks of life to dance along to the grave, typically with a pope, emperor, king, child, and laborer.

They were produced as mementos mori, to remind people of the fragility of their lives and how vain were the glories of earthly life.

Its origins are postulated from illustrated sermon texts; the earliest recorded visual scheme was a now-lost mural at Holy Innocents’ Cemetery in Paris dating from 1424 to 1425.