Forgotten Abandoned Roman Catholic Church

This forgotten and abandoned Roman Catholic church looks like nothing I’ve ever seen in Ontario, while I don’t frequent active churches, I have seen my share of abandoned ones in the province.

This Abandoned Catholic Church in South Western Ontario, built in 1905 and left abandoned several years ago.

At some point in time it seems to have been used as a residence or possibly an art community, but I honestly have no idea!

In 2007 it was given heritage designation for just about every element and aspect of the structure, this means that any future buyer or developer cannot alter anything, the building must remain as it is.

Online data shows that it was sold with conditions in April 2021 for just under $1,000,000 but as of recent photos I have seen from others, nothing inside or outside has changed – not even the way to get inside!

I have no other information on this one unfortunately

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