ABANDONED Classic Revival Heritage Farmhouse Built in 1860

ABANDONED Classic Revival Heritage Farmhouse Built in 1860

This old abandoned Ontario farmhouse, having sat vacant since 2018 was granted heritage designation in the summer of 2019.

The 1.5 storey brick classic revival style home was built in 1860, it now sits vacant on land that is deep into development.  The home was put up for heritage designation for its cultural heritage value due to its architectural style and design, to the surprise of many the land owner and developer did not object to the designation.

Major features that assisted with the heritage designation are the original windows, storm windows and doors, which are rare in homes such as this one in this part of the province.

The home was owned by the same family from 1860 through to 1941, when another family purchased it from a bank that year.

The original house is a 1.5 storey brick Classical Revival building, with three wings later added to the south. The original building was built to a high standard and retains most of its original architectural detail and design both inside and outside, including original windows and trim.

My visit in 2020 was not met with any issues, approaching the home to find the boards ripped from the front door and pleased to find little to no vandalism inside.

I was recently told by a fellow explorer that she had tripped a silent alarm that had since been hidden inside the house, so other explorers should beware, this home is now being monitored remotely.