Abandoned Resort | Abandoned Northern Ontario

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This abandoned resort in Northern Ontario was sent to me by a guy who has followed me for some time and always sends me the interesting places he passes on his frequent travels.


This one, he sent me around the spring/early summer of 2020, located up in Northern Ontario this would make a perfect stop on one of my long summer road trips for astrophotography and exploring. 


I set this location as the destination for my first of three nights out shooting a summer meteor shower.  After a very long drive, I finally arrived to find the entire area was like a ghost town.  The COVID-19 pandemic had killed off all hopes of tourism and there was literally nothing to do there.

I have no idea when this resort opened, but I know it was long before the pandemic, it did seem as though there was once an attempt to replace the roof and do some grounds work, but that all had been stopped.

Happy to find myself at such a remote location I spent hours exploring the abandoned resort, then while I waited for night to set in I headed off to find a good vantage point to enjoy the sunset, I found an old unused park and boat ramp to set up my hammock, start shooting timelapse and enjoy some cold beers under the shy.

Once it got dark I made my way back to the resort with my pillows, sleeping bags, camera gear, food and beer and I settled in for a long, dark and quiet night shooting the meteor shower that would be lighting up the skies on this weekend.

My bed was made, my beers were cold and the sky was alive with stars, meteors, shooting stars and more, there was little to no light pollution being so remote and north and the footage I got that night was amazing.

Then, finally at some point in the night it was time to turn in and head to sleep as the one and only guest in this old abandoned northern ontario resort!

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