Top Ten Most Shocking Finds in Abandoned Places

Freaktography’s Top Ten Most Shocking Finds in Abandoned Places

Recently my friend and fellow explorer Bob from Exploring the Unbeaten Path posted an excellent set of ten photos titled: “Our most dangerous adventures”

I highly recommend you check it out below at the link and follow his work, this is a level of exploring and infiltration that I have barely had a taste of

Now, while I, in no way can top that post and the experiences of Bob and his crew, it did inspire me to think up another idea along the same lines.

I thought I should share my top ten most shocking discoveries in abandoned places.  Over the years between myself and the many other great explorers in Ontario, we have found and uncovered some truly shocking things.

To me, exploring an abandoned house should be treated like a sort of archaeological dig site, take your time, explore, navigate, open drawers, closets, look around to see what kind of strange things might be hidden in these long forgotten homes and properties.

Putting this list together and capping it at 10 was a hard task, but some things hold much more shock value than others, so for this compilation I have tried to keep it to the ten best and most shocking discoveries.

Let’s get on with the list




Freaktography's Top Ten Most Shocking Finds in Abandoned Places