Urban Exploring a 200-YEAR-OLD Abandoned Time Capsule House

200-Year-Old abandoned house Filled with Antiques
This was the 1st location that would kick off two full days of non-stop exploring and travelling across two US states.
We drove almost 800 km (or almost 500 miles), through the night to arrive at this location.
The drive took over 8 hours thanks to some very heavy fog that drastically affected our speed.
After a few hours of sleep, we woke up, fueled up with a quick breakfast and coffee and arrived here ready for whatever this day would throw at us.
Given the location of this abandoned house, I was shocked at how much was still left behind and with zero graffiti or vandalism, this was a very enjoyable exploration.
Much has changed here over the years as the natural decay sets in, and several different groups of explorers have taken full advantage of the antiques and furniture to move things around for their creative photography concepts.
Take a look at @munmonster, her feed has some great creative work taken here
RiddimRyder Photography and I enjoyed this one, you can join us on the video tour here:
This house was absolutely incredible, a true time capsule filled with furniture and antiques from so many different eras and generations!
The original owner of the land that this house sits on was born in the late 1700s. He inherited the property from his family.
After he died, the property passed to his son, who likely benefited from the property’s strategic location along the well-traveled road.
Today, the house sits abandoned and decaying atop a small hill at a busy intersection in a very well-developed part of the state.
It has been a popular location amongst urban explorers who come to photograph the many rooms filled with priceless and vintage antiques and furniture and to wander its 200-year-old halls.

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