Abandoned County Home

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 The Abandoned County Home

An Abandoned County Home in New York State that has sat in an advanced state of decay and abandonment for many years.  View the image gallery below and there is also a walk through video of the abandoned Poorhouse that is featured below and on the Freaktography YouTube page.


You can also read the interesting story of the “Newspaper Room” on this blog post: “The Newspaper Room in the Abandoned Poorhouse”

10 thoughts on “Abandoned County Home”

  1. Love the picture of the house with a black cat out in front, very creepy.

  2. I think that if I was walking through that home and saw that doll at the bottom of the staircase, then that little girl, I’d leave in a HURRY! : )

  3. I just want to say I think you’re an awesome person. Your respect is evident in all your photo essays. Thank you for bringing these things to light for us to enjoy

  4. You already know i love your work. This was exceptional in my opinion. Only one work of caution. I’m not sure I would post the beautiful little girls face. You just don’t know what kind of creeps are out there. Beautiful work. <3

  5. Great pics! I liked the creepy little doll on the stairs and the toy train. Isthe next door house also abandoned? If so did you tour it?

  6. Is it structurally unsound, or just incredibly neglected and trashed out? Is the County going to raze it or is it for sale?

  7. Piano graveyard. This was a typical style for northeast suburban mansions, for industrial executives around the turn of the century

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