Abandoned Time Capsule House Restoration

Before and After Restoration Photos of a former abandoned time capsule house

An Abandoned Time Capsule House Restoration

Renovation Before and After Photos from an Abandoned Time Capsule House Restoration

Back in 2015 a house in Guelph, Ontario had been on the minds of many local explorers, this house was odd in that it always looked abandoned but there was always a light on in the porch.

Finally, one day in May of 2015 some explorers took one for the team and made an approach and discovered that this house was in-fact now abandoned and it was an Abandoned Time Capsule House, and it was full of goodies.  I don’t remember right now who is was to finally get in an explore this house but word spread quickly and the most eager of Ontario explorers (myself included) made to drive to Guelph to explore this newly discovered abandoned time capsule house.

I explored this home on May 23rd, 2015 with Phrenzee and his wife MsDekay, it was an easy explore…park up the road, make your way in and lock the door behind you.  Every single room was full of unique items, in the living room an upright piano, antique desks, china and knick knacks.  Upstairs, rooms full of family photos, old magazines, old newspapers and an seemingly huge interest in the Kennedy Family.

The kitchen was in a very bad way and I can’t believe that someone was living in these conditions.

Then within a few months the home was taken over and it appeared that renovations would be taking place, a blue tarp was placed over the roof to prevent further water damage and the house was taken off of the exploring market….which is a good thing!!

Fast forward now over three years later and I have just learned from another fellow explorer that the home has been fully restored and placed on the real estate market.

I quickly located the real estate listing my my jaw hit the floor when I saw the extent of the renovations and restoration of the home., the listing reads:

Luxurious estate farm house nestled on just under 3 acres. This home has been renovated top to bottom with no expense spared. Old charm blended with high end finishes, featuring 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, large covered porch, all new appliances with an oversized double garage with a loft above for storage, office or rental suite possibilities. Renovations and upgrades within the house include: All new windows and sills in original structure (Centennial Windows with transferrable lifetime warranty), custom kitchen with quartz and granite countertops, ensuite (with heated floors) and main bath cabinets, new septic system and drilled well, new walls, steps, and door for original basement walkout, house was gutted to stone walls and added spray foam insulation, 200 amp service all new electrical and plumbing, the list goes on and on! This home must be viewed in person to really captivate all the work that has been done to transform this farm house into the rare beauty that it is

I quickly got to work and scoured all of my photos to see if i could match shot for shot the new updated “after” photos so I could do a now and then comparison.  I’ve done my best to match room for room and shot for shot….

****After photo credit courtesy of: KELLER WILLIAMS GOLDEN TRIANGLE REALTY****

Two interesting stories came from this
1 – The person who bought the property to flip it has contacted me, I had mentioned in the write up that a woman had died in the house and one room smelled badly of urine.
Since he was trying to sell this house and my post was showing up in google searches for the address, he felt my write up may be having a negative effect on the interest and eventual sale of the house
So, I changed my write up for him
2 – In the Fall of 2019 I was contacted by the person who ultimately ended up buying the house and now lives in it with his wife and children.
He loved seeing the photos of how it looked before the flip and he invited me over to see the place now, we had a few scheduling conflicts and then COVID happened so I’ve still not yet been by to see the house, but I hope we can still make the arrangements

Here are the rest of the photos from my explore in May of 2015 from this once abandoned time capsule house


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  1. Suzanne Wajnblum

    Hi! Just wondering…my daughter is a student at the University of Guelph and she is putting together a final project that needs an old farmhouse as a back drop….do you know any places that might work for this? It doesn’t have to be abandoned, but just someone willing to let her film herself in front of it. Nothing would be changed or damaged, it would strictly be a backdrop. Just grasping at straws as she needs something for this weekend

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