Abandoned United Church | Ontario Closed Churches

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Abandoned United Church | Ontario Closed Churches

A very large and very old Abandoned United Church that dates back to the late 1800’s and was closed about 6 years ago.

A drastic and rapid drop in congregation numbers forced this church to close and now, like so many of the places I explore, its future is up in the air.

As Carlo PaolozzaRiddimRyder Photographyy and I explored and navigated this massive church we just kept finding more and more amazing rooms.

This church welcomed multiple different religions in it’s many different sections.

It’s future is now up in the air, having been closed for roughly 6 years, it sits empty and decay is setting in/

The site of this now vacant church includes two sanctuaries that can each seat approximately 750 people, a chapel, full-service kitchen, gymnasium and a number of classrooms and meeting rooms.

Built in the late 19th Century, it became an evangelical church and then in the mid 40’s it was an Evangelical United Church. In the late 60’s, it joined with the United Church of Canada.

As congregations are shrinking in churches all around it is creating uncertain futures for many historic buildings.  Sadly in the case of this Ontario Closed Churches, the dwindling number of people couldn’t afford to keep the historic building.

It is said that the church had about 400 members in the late 60’s, and when it closed it was down to 100.




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