Ghost Town of Neidpath Saskatchewan

Neidpath Saskatchewan
Neidpath, Saskatchewan, traces its origins back to 1909 when the first post office was established on the postmaster, John Mitchell’s farm, later relocating to the village in 1924.
I stopped at Neidpath as the first stop on my 3rd day in Saskatchewan, after spending the night in my car at the Wal-Mart parking lot in Swift Current. After a short 40 minute drive, I spotted the two grain elevators from a distance away.
I knew I was there when I spotted one grain elevator missing its head!
Named after Scotland’s Neidpath Castle, the hamlet saw Canadian National Railway lay tracks in 1924, though these were eventually abandoned by 1958.
In its early years, Neidpath boasted four grain elevators, with only two remaining today.
The community flourished in the 1920s, featuring a school, church, hotels, general store, blacksmith, bank, and telephone office, most of which were constructed during this period.
At one time Neidpath had its own telephone company, the Neidpath Rural Telephone Central Office.
It also had hotels (including two Chinese hotels and restaurants and the King George Hotel along Central Avenue), a pool hall, a hardware store, and a blacksmith shop. However, by 1954, only a few buildings stood, including the relocated church.
With a peak population of around 100 in 1928, Neidpath never attained village status and experienced a decline starting in the late 1930s, marked by fires that destroyed the general store and the closure of the school in 1942.
By 1945, only the elevators remained as businesses and by 1981, CN had abandoned the rail line.
Today, the hamlet retains remnants of its past, with a handful of empty houses, crumbling foundations, a small church, and two old grain elevators standing as witnesses to its history.
Despite its modest size and unassuming appearance, Neidpath’s charm lies in its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and wonder, particularly for those, like the author, who have a personal connection to its past.
It was difficult to pull myself away from this place, it was so quiet and peaceful, however, I had a full day stacked with 11 planned locations that I had to get to before the end of the day.
If you ever have an opportunity to visit Saskatchewan, I would place Neidpath high on your priority list of places to visit!!

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