Inspirational Quotes

It’s no secret that what I do can ruffle feathers, cause controversy and make some people mad.  Some of my locations, well they don’t LOOK abandoned.  Some of my locations contain valuable items and antiques that, while I may leave them behind, others can’t imagine someone NOT stealing.

There are any number of things within my videos and content that can, will and most certainly DO make people mad, and these things bring out the ugly side of ugly people – and almost always with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

In 2021, my lovely wife gave me the brilliant idea to make lemonade out of lemons, as they say!  To take the hate and turn it into something beautiful and positive, respond to the hateful comments with a smile, THAT is how to deal with negative and hateful people.

We decided to turn my hateful comments into inspirational quotes!

Inspirational Quotes – 2024


In March of 2024 I had an article done about my photography and exploring in Macleans Magazine, a true honour to be asked by such a great Canadian publication.  Naturally, when you put yourself out there like this, there will always be the haters and naysayers – and they will almost always come from Reddit!  Someone shared the article to the Ontario Subreddit – and the pain train chugged along at full speed!

Here are some highlights from that.

Inspirational Quotes