Top 10 List Strangest Things I’ve Found While Urban Exploring

Top 10 List Strangest Things I’ve Found While Urban Exploring

In recent weeks I have seen many people posting photos of strange things they have found while Urban Exploring in abandoned places.  This is also one of the most asked questions I get when I meet people or when people message me. So, here is my first ever Top Ten Blog Post of the “Strangest Things I Have Found While Urban Exploring”

 1 – An Abortion Chair in an Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

It was November of 2012 and I was still very new to the hobby, I took a long road trip into New York State to explore an abandoned mental asylum.  I knew very little about this facility and only knew of a handful of photos I had seen online from others.  When I found this chair, I knew it was for female examinations but it wasn’t until years later that someone saw these photos and mentioned that this was an abortion chair.

2 – A Frog Specimen in an Abandoned High School

In the Spring of 2018 we had traveled up to Northern Ontario to explore an abandoned high school.  Not long ago this school was in pristine condition but very quickly the bad guys got inside and ransacked the whole place.  Just outside of a science lab, in front of a locker on the floor I found the mummified body of a frog specimen that used to live in the science room.  I opened the locker where the from was laying and inside I found a whole slew of other specimens and oddities!

3 – Human Specimens/A Jar Full of Teeth

This one is a tie, two strange finds in two different locations. First, the Human Specimens: It was January 2016 and my first explore of the year, we had gone to explore an abandoned hospital that we knew had a great autopsy room and much more.  What we did not know was inside the autopsy room there was a small fridge that no one had yet looked inside.  I opened the drawer and pulled out a medical bag full of specimen jars each containing different human specimens taken during autopsies that were to be sent to the lab.  They were labeled with things like “stomach contents”, “liver”, “fetal …..”, I couldn’t make out that last one. Second was in November of 2017 and we were on our way to explore all weekend in Kingston Ontario but our first stop was an abandoned Dentists office in Scarborough, Ontario.  I had explored this location a few days earlier and spotted this jar in a supply room/lab room and it was full of extracted human teeth in some kind of a green solution.

4 – A Grenade in a Safe

2015 was a great year for exploring, there were many solid locations all unique in their own way.  One of these homes was simply titled “Somewhere House” by the person who discovered it, but in my circles and amongst my followers it has come to be known as the Mid Century Time Capsule House. This home was a time warp right back to the 1960’s and 1970’s with very little done to the decor since that time period.  In one of the rooms there was a safe with a yellow envelope that read “DANGER MK-1 HAND GURNAID INSIDE.  THIS IS NOT A JOKE.  BOB JR.” Sure enough, take a look inside!  

5 – False Teeth/Dentures

This one is quite simple, it’s March of 2014 and i am exploring an amazing abandoned house in the middle of a snowstorm.  At the time, only a handful had been here and much had not yet been discovered.  I enter an upstairs bedroom and find a great antique dresser, I open up a drawer and find a white box, I open that white box and find a perfect and used set of dentures inside! So, I do what any good explorer would do and I removed them from the box and took photos of them.  Some years later some strange explorer or treasure hunter stole those teeth.

6 – A Photo of a Woman in a Casket

Also in 2015 I explored a home in South Western Ontario with just enough stuff left behind to keep it interesting, including photos of an old dead woman in a casket.  As I am exploring I find an old box that says “The Spirit Lives”, inside this box were dozens of photos taken of an old woman, lying dead in her casket along with cards of well wishes, photos of the funeral home and a program from the funeral service.  I would come to learn that this was a tradition to send loved ones living abroad photos of the deceased in their casket and other items from the service so they could mourn as though they were in attendance.

7 – Giant Pokemon and Pikachu Costumes

In the summer of 2018 I spent a full week exploring almost every night with a friend who was in town from New Jersey along with another local explorer,we explored drains and other spots and at the end of a long night full of failures the local explorer suggested we try the local abandoned theatre.  She noted that we won’t be getting in as it is always sealed up very tight!  We approach the building and after some inspection we all agree that her assumption was true…..and then we spotted something.  After some time and effort we found ourselves inside this large beautiful old theatre, we explored in the dark with flashlights and I proceeded into one room only to be met with an entire cast of human sized Pokemon characters.  

8 – Televisions with Bullet Holes in Them

As if it’s not strange enough to find one television with bullet holes in it, I have found TWO televisions that have been unfortunate victims to domestic gun violence!  The first was in 2017 in a very small abandoned house in Ontario where there were TV’s stacked on top of each-other, one with a few holes shot in it.  The second one was in 2018 as I explored the dining room area of an amazing abandoned time capsule house in Ontario and there it was, a TV with bullet holes shot in the screen!  

9 – Used Needles and Drug Paraphernalia

This is nothing new to explorers, we all come across the remnants of drug use as many people use abandoned buildings to shoot up and get their fix.  These photos are from an abandoned candy factory that is well known to explorers and druggies alike!  I’ve found use needles more times than I care to say  

10 – Forgotten MONEY!

Perhaps my most famous discovery and the craziest thing I have ever found would have to be a bag full of abandoned and forgotten money stuffed behind a mattress in an abandoned Ontario house.  Ultimately, we would learn that this money belonged to an older man who lived in this house and ran a fruit stand near the highway in a town not far from the US border.  Each roll had a note attached with the date it was counted and how much was there.   Thanks for reading, I have surely found many more interesting things in my explores and adventures but i wanted to keep this to a top ten list. Show some love and follow me at these links: https://www.youtube.com/c/Freaktography www.freaktography.com www.instagram.com/freaktography www.facebook.com/freaktography www.twitter.com/freaktography

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