Unused Unwanted Million Dollar Mystery Mansion

abandoned million dollar mystery mansion

Unused Unwanted Million Dollar Mystery Mansion

I call this the Unused Unwanted Million Dollar Mystery Mansion, some people refer to it as the Human Trafficking Mansion, watching the video you will see why.

This was an abandoned location that I had been passively scouting and watching for about one year and believe it or not – those balloons were there and inflated in the same way one year before I explored it and to this day, over one year after I explored it – they are STILL inflated.

Using a number of tried and true exploring reconnaissance techniques, I eventually came to the conclusion that this mansion is most definitely vacant, not used, not lived in – for whatever reason.

It had not been visited or checked on or lived in for several months and when I approached the house I was shocked to discover that it was left unsecured, unattended, unalarmed – uneverything!

My heightened senses and adrenaline had me in a different state of mind as I explored this Unused Unwanted Million Dollar Mystery Mansion. Wandering the halls I was in shock and disbelief, not knowing at any moment what would be greeting me around any given corner.

Let’s talk about a few of the unsettling things about this house:
– Inside, the water has been shut off but the power is still on
– The lights are on in select rooms
– Some of the beds are stuffed to give the appearance that there is someone in the beds
– One bedroom has fingerprint dust all over the dressers and end tables
– There was a bag full of ripped up photos of young asian girls
– Luggage was found EVERYWHERE, old suitcases with years old luggage tags all with Chinese names and writing
– In a storage room, items from decades ago were in storage, along with even more suitcases
Wine and liquor left in one room

Much of the things seen in this house had not sent up any red flags while I was inside this house, as I said this house had me in an entirely different frame of mind and I wasn’t really registering what I was seeing.

In the video, my nerves and my excitement got the better of me and my nonsense was way over the top as I tried to process where I was and what I was seeing.

During the explore I had to call RiddimRyder and Zenning with Zay to join me as this was too out there to experience alone, they were able to haul ass and join me to experience this place along side me.

Once the video was posted, many of the viewers were convinced that this home was some kind of a hub of human trafficking, while many others jumped to my defence that no it is not, and if it were – the authorities had already been here and taken care of things.

Others would attempt this home in the months after me and arrived to find that the pool had been emptied and the home had been alarmed.

One explorer entered the home and once inside set off loud alarms
Another explorer entered to no alarms only to be met by a strong police response, to his surprise he had set off a silent alarm

Today, the home is well secured, new cameras have been placed around the home and a police response is swift to anyone who ventures onto the property, yet still – it is empty, not lived in and not used for anything.

I’ve searched the address, I’ve searched the names, I’ve searched the phone numbers and more and not one thing has come up in my research to tell me anything about this house, hence the name: The Unused Unwanted Million Dollar Mystery Mansion

I do apologize for my level of nonsense in the YouTube video and if you want to be entertained, I highly recommend that you read through some of the over 4,000 comments!

Inside the Unused Unwanted Million Dollar Mystery Mansion

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6 thoughts on “Unused Unwanted Million Dollar Mystery Mansion”

  1. Bill Deller

    very cool, huge mysterious house. Where is it located. I live in the city where you visited the old OPP police station.

  2. Is this near York Mills? I recently drove around this area out of boredom and I swear I found a house in that area that has a front door that looks nearly identical to the one in the mansion you posted. It even has that slanted window near the front door. When I drove past that house, there was an 80s or 90s BMW in the driveway. I checked the house out on Google Maps and I’d say I’m 80% sure I found the correct address.

  3. Mary Beth Olieman

    This house is such a mystery. So strange. I commented on the youtube video. Please dont take offense. I was commenting as I was watching. Is there pictures of what the outside of the house looks like. I’m just curious as to what it looks like.

  4. Retro the pro

    I’m an 80s kid I collect vintage stuff in that time era and this mansion so happens to be one of the most badass retro mansions I’ve ever seen I would love to know an address so that I can track this place down and go explore it like you all so if you can give me that detail I would be happy

  5. David im only commenting on this one because i feel the mysterious asian people who own this white elephant mansion are perhaps the same who own Castle Mansion you recently posted in Nov 2023. They both have the same taste of weird shit, probably running a counter fitting scheme. This mansion, castle mansion and the was another youtube sensation a real time capsule it had a fake deer at the front entrance, multiple wings and outside pool were probably the most controversial vacated mansions due to criminal activity

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