Success strategies for casino photography

Top 5 Tips for Taking Photos in Casinos

How to Successfully Take Photos in Casinos

There is no denying that online casinos offer more convenience, flexibility, and accessibility compared to their land-based counterparts. Today, players can easily play free online slots amidst other exciting casino games from the comfort of anywhere and at any time. It is, therefore, not surprising to see how rapidly and massively the online gambling industry has expanded in the last few years.


However, while online casinos offer numerous appealing features, you’d agree that a luxurious brick-and-mortar casino’s bustling and lively atmosphere provides an unparalleled experience. The flashing lights, vibrant colours of the slot machines, crowd energy and many other attractions make for an electrifying ambience that many people can’t afford to sacrifice for online convenience.

Naturally, many people often want to memorialize such moments by taking photos. However, casinos have been known to historically prohibit this action, primarily due to security and privacy. And while this policy has loosened somewhat in recent years, it’s still important to know what to do and shouldn’t do. This article explores how you can successfully and responsibly take photographs the next time you visit a casino without trouble. Let’s dive right in!

Find Photography-Friendly Casinos

As mentioned, casinos are starting to relax the policies prohibiting the taking of photos on their gaming floor, and the ban is no longer universal. As a result, many photography-friendly casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, and other locations across the globe allow players to take pictures on their floors. However, you should note that most still restrict anything that may breach the security and privacy of other players. So, you may be limited to only using cameras in designated areas.

If you are unsure about a casino’s policy on taking pictures, you can always ask any of their staff to verify. Once you find a photography-friendly establishment, you can take as many pictures as possible.

The table below shows the policy of a few Las Vegas Casinos, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Casino Photography Policy
Four Queens Allowed everywhere
Caesars Palace Designated areas alone
MGM Grand Not allowed inside gaming areas
Cromwell No photography of table games
Bellagio Not allowed inside gaming areas

Use the Smallest Cameras

One key factor in being successful when taking pictures in a casino is avoiding being noticed when you do. So, it’s often best to use cameras that blend in and are less likely to disrupt the casino’s atmosphere, like your smartphone camera. Casino security staff often look out for big professional cameras and will be on you immediately if they spot you carrying one. So, your smartphone is the best way to go.

Thankfully, the cameras on smartphones today are high quality and can take great photos. In fact, they are typically better suited for casinos’ lighting conditions, ensuring that your pictures turn out well without the need for a disruptive flash.

Turn Off the Flash

There is no more prominent sign to tell casino staff and security that you are taking pictures than using the camera flash. It quickly draws attention to you, and you may soon find security asking you to delete the images or even leave the casino. That will be both disappointing and embarrassing. So, switching off the flash feature when taking photographs is best.

Even if you are on the floor of a photography-friendly casino, the flash can be annoying and distracting for other guests. So, keep your flash off and mute your camera shutter sound while at it.

Take Stills and Be Discreet With It

While some brick-and-mortar casinos have recently relaxed their rules on taking photographs, almost all of them widely forbid the recording of videos. This is to ensure the privacy of staff and guests, security of the house, and game fairness. Plus, taking videos can quickly draw attention to you as it often takes longer than photographs.

When you take pictures in a casino, remember that it is often best to do so quickly while moving. Identify your preferred spots, go to them, take your photographs quickly, and then move to the next. Lingering in one place while taking your pictures puts you at risk of getting questioned by security.

Don’t Photograph Other Guests, Dealers, or Tables

One of the key reasons why casinos prohibit picture-taking is to ensure customer privacy. After all, with today’s widespread digital reach, not many guests would be happy to find that their picture has been taken while enjoying gambling entertainment.

So, when you are in a casino, it’s best to avoid taking pictures of other guests, even if they are celebrities. You should only take photos of yourself and your group and not infringe on others’ privacy. Also, don’t take photographs of the dealers, active play tables and other sensitive areas like the cashier’s desk.

Other Tips on How to Take Pictures in Casinos

Aside from the key points mentioned above, there are many other things you need to keep in mind when taking photographs within brick-and-mortar casinos. Some of them include:

  • Don’t use photography equipment like selfie sticks or a tripod.
  • Don’t photograph the cage cashier.
  • Avoid taking pictures in sensitive areas of casinos.
  • Be polite and respectful if a casino staff asks you to stop taking pictures.

Closing Thoughts

While many brick-and-mortar casinos still take a hard stance on taking pictures within their gambling floor, some are already starting to loosen their policies. But, whether in a photography-friendly casino or one that restricts the act, the tips above can help you capture beautiful moments of your gambling experience. And if a casino employee catches you and asks you to stop taking pictures, be polite and respectful and put your camera away.